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4th And Goal

4thAnd Goal4th And Goal is an American Football arcade style simulation. It brings the amazing action of American Football right to your internet browser. The game features smooth controls and animations and great sound. The player selects a game length of 5, 10, or 15 minutes. The player then chooses a difficulty level based on their skill level easy, medium, or hard. You then choose between two teams the black and gold or the blue and white team. Then you’re put on the gridiron for the kickoff! The sound makes you feel as though you are right there in the stadium on the field as your favorite team. The control of the characters is straight forward using the keyboard arrows to maneuver your player to the end zone with the space bar providing a spin move. The game features a bare bones playbook with 3 run plays and 6 pass plays. The plays are easy to understand. The space bar snaps the ball to the quarterback and the “A” “S” and “D” keys are used for passing. Choose your plays carefully because in this simulation there are no punts on 4th down. No guts, No glory! However, when the player scores a touchdown they will be rewarded with a nice touchdown animation featuring cheerleaders. On Defense the player chooses between two coverages and is shown the player they will control when the ball is snapped. Cover 2 and Cover 3 defense to dominate your opponent and keep them out of the end zone. The space bar allows your player to deliver punishing hits to the opponent. 4th And Goal provides the highlight reel offense and bone crushing defense that has made American Football the most popular sport in America. So get off the sideline, lace up those cleats, and strap on that helmet and see if you have what it takes to become a legend of the gridiron.

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